Have you finally decided that it’s time to stop doing the same old marketing and start looking for a more effective and reliable solution? If so, then it’s time to compare Voluum Vs Clickmagick. In this article, we’ll discuss the most important features of Voluum and Clickmagick, their pricing plans, what are the main differences between these two services, and which one is better suited for your needs.

Why you should use Clickmagick over Voluum

If you’re looking for the best affiliate tracking software, you may be wondering if Clickmagick or Voluum is the better choice. Both are excellent programs with a lot to offer, but there are some key differences between them that may make one a better fit for your needs than the other. Here’s a quick overview of Clickmagick vs Voluum: Clickmagick is slightly cheaper than Voluum, offers more features, and has better customer support. However, Voluum is easier to use and has a more intuitive interface. So, which one should you choose? It really depends on your needs and preferences. If you need an affordable program with lots of features, Clickmagick is a great option. If you prefer a program that’s easy to use and has a user-friendly interface, Voluum may be the better choice for you.

The benefits of using Clickmagick

There is no denying that both Voluum and Clickmagick are powerful tracking tools. However, there are some key benefits of using Clickmagick that make it the superior choice for many online marketers. First and foremost, Clickmagick provides users with an incredibly user-friendly interface. While Voluum has made strides in this area, Clickmagick still offers a more intuitive and streamlined experience. This is especially important for those who are new to tracking or don’t have a lot of time to spend learning a complex tool. Another big advantage of Clickmagick is its robust set of features. While both platforms offer similar core functions, Clickmagick goes above and beyond with features like geotargeting, advanced rotators, split testing, and more. These additional features can be invaluable for those looking to get the most out of their tracking efforts. Finally, Clickmagick’s customer support is simply outstanding. The team is always quick to respond to questions and concerns and they go out of their way to help users get the most out of the platform. This level of support is simply not something that you’ll find with most other tracking tools. All things considered, it’s clear that Clickmagick is the better choice for those looking for a top-notch tracking solution. If you’re ready to take your online marketing efforts to the next level, give Clickmagick a try today – you

How to do DKI with Clickmagick

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right tracking software for your needs, and it can be tough to decide between two of the most popular options on the market. If you’re trying to choose between Voluum and Clickmagick, here’s a detailed look at how each one works and what they offer so you can make the best decision for your business. Voluum is a self-hosted tracking solution that offers a lot of flexibility and customization. You can track an unlimited number of clicks, and it integrates with a wide range of ad networks and affiliate programs. It also offers detailed reporting so you can see where your traffic is coming from and how well your campaigns are performing. Clickmagick is a cloud-based tracking solution that offers similar features to Voluum. You can track an unlimited number of clicks, and it integrates with a wide range of ad networks and affiliate programs. It also offers detailed reporting so you can see where your traffic is coming from and how well your campaigns are performing. One advantage of Clickmagick over Voluum is that it offers a free trial so you can try it out before deciding if it’s right for you.

How does Clickmagick compare to Voluum?

Clickmagick is a powerful tracking tool that has many features that are similar to those offered by Voluum. However, there are some key differences between the two platforms that should be considered before making a decision about which one to use. Clickmagick offers a wider range of features than Voluum, including the ability to track an unlimited number of clicks, conversions, and sales. It also provides more detailed click data, such as IP addresses andReferrer data. In addition, Clickmagick’s interface is significantly more user-friendly than Voluum’s, making it easier to set up and use. However, Clickmagick does have some drawbacks. First, its pricing is more expensive than Voluum’s. Second, it lacks some of the advanced features offered by Voluum, such as conversion tracking for Facebook ads and Google AdWords. Overall, though, Clickmagick is a powerful tracking tool that offers a good value for the price.


Both Voluum and Clickmagick offer their own advantages and disadvantages, but at the end of the day, it really comes down to what you need from your tracking software. If you’re looking for something with more features and customization options, then Voluum is probably the better choice. However, if you’re just starting out or if you need something that’s simpler to use, then Clickmagick might be a better option. Ultimately, the best choice is the one that meets your specific needs.